Thursday, July 5, 2018

A World Of Worlds (Part 2)

All of us must be aware of the possibility, that the personal activities and actions of each and every very unique and individual person living upon this planet; might tend to have a very long lasting influence and impact upon a few, or even very many other people, in very many different ways.  Depending upon whom any such person might happen to be; should that person happen to be a very highly influential, and powerful individual; that person, in some manner, might possibly possess the ability and the power to influence and to affect the personal worlds of every other person on this planet.  It is then quite accurate to say that each and every individual person's actions and reactions, could possibly have a long term effect upon every other person's very own worlds in some very significant, but different manner; whether it be very slight or very great in significance.  While keeping in mind and considering all of these very interesting thoughts; we must now realize that (although it may be very unlikely), it is also remotely possible for any one individual person on Earth, to change the very own worlds of every other individual person or persons, who are living among us.  Entire cities, countries, and even the entire world of worlds, could then very possibly become affected by just one decision, made by just one very powerful, influential and significant person.  This very frightening and quite alarming thought then remains for us to ponder:  The very thought that, the understandings and the actions of any one specific individual person on this planet, could possibly change the entire world of worlds for everyone and anyone else on this planet (by interaction), is not very easy for us to accept.  Keeping all of these things in mind; we must understand that just the very thought, regarding the fact that it is not possible to live within, or to experience any other person's very own world, is quite scary and very unsettling for all of Humanity.  The predictability of the specific thoughts or the actions of any other human beings therefore, could only be assumed, but could never be confirmed until after those specific thoughts or actions have been revealed as a reality.  There will always be room for some doubt, for each of us to consider. This just so happens to be the very largest and the most devastating dilemma which all of man-kind had ever, or will ever, have experienced throughout all of history.  This is the real "War Of The Worlds" and it is caused by human nature and not by any "Aliens" from outer space.  We cannot read into other people's minds; so we must then face the fact that sooner or later, each and every one of us will then need to rely upon our ability to place our "Trust" into the hands of other human beings.  We would then actually become obligated to (very respectfully) place our Trust into the hands of some other person or persons; many of which would be people who might actually happen to be complete strangers to us. All of this must be completely accepted by us, along with the very hopeful expectation that we will receive from that person, our fair share of "Loyalty" and "Honor" in return.

This is where the effects of "Trust", "Loyalty" and "Honor" will come into  play.

Without our having "Trust", "Honor" and "Loyalty" being linked together in a very co-ordinated fashion; there can be no JUSTICE. We must then consider the possibility that we might, at any time, possibly become doomed to conflict, war and devastation.  During each one of our lifetimes, each and every one of us, at some point in time, will need to place our trust into the hands of other people. However, those other people within whom we have placed our trust, need to know and to agreeably understand that they actually do owe us at least, our very fair share of "Loyalty" and "Honor" in return.  "Trust" means absolutely nothing at all without the reciprocation of "Loyalty" and "Honor" coming from those persons whom have accepted our trust.  Accepting and receiving the Trust of any person, will always require a true COMMITTMENT of loyalty and honor which would be rightfully due, as well as expected in return; to be received by that person who happens to be the source of that given Trust. "Trusting" in anyone, without receiving the very necessary "Loyalty" and "Honor" in return, amounts to nothing but deception. Coupling all of this to the confusion and the sometimes very difficult translations existing between the very many different languages, is why so many people, as well as so many countries, end up in bitter conflicts and wars with each other. We must then face the ugly truth, that even though there are so very many people who are truly "Trustworthy", "Loyal" and "Honorable" (maybe 50% or so), there are also those very many other people who would be very selfish and deceitful.  The former group; would always be very ready and willing to help others.  They would always be trying to improve the conditions of everyone's world, while also realizing that in doing so, they will also benefit from the results. Those are the people who will actually give very much of themselves. They will even work very hard to cause all of the righteous and proper events to exist for the benefits of everyone.  While the latter group, will misuse, deceive and betray others by promising them a very much better world, when it is actually and only themselves, whom they would care to benefit.  That group might actually feel that it is quite righteous and noble to abuse and to mistreat other people, when they feel that it might be of some benefit to them, somewhere down the road. Everyone wants and needs some degree of self improvement for their very own worlds, but nobody wants to be stepped down upon and abused by those who will not hesitate to use other people as stepping stones, for their very own advancements and benefits, while offering absolutely nothing in return.

That's it!  That's the very nature of Humanity.  Nothing could ever change that. That's why there will always be bitter disputes, conflicts and wars.

"Trust", "Loyalty" and "Honor".  These three attributions, combined together and well maintained, have become the key to happiness for everyone.  This is a very perfectly wonderful and unfailing combination of attributions, which will always work perfectly well for any and for all of us.  However, (as I had  previously pointed out), only about 50% of the human population will simultaneously possess the combination of all three of these attributions.  The remaing 50% of humanity will not.

The sad epilog behind this story is the frightening thought, that each one of us will eventually need to invest all of our Trust into the hands of some other person, at some point in time within our lives.  We would then be rendering all of our complete trust into the hands of some other person, while at the very same time, realizing that without the receipt of "Loyalty" and "Honor" in return; we might possibly discover that we had been deceived and betrayed.  You might very sadly but quite possibly, discover that your respectfully rendered "Trust", has meant absolutely nothing to that particular person, to whom you have so very respectfully rendered your trust. This is why it had become necessary for us to rely upon "CONTRACTS" to help us to secure our trust.  On a much brighter note however; there will also be many people who must also place THEIR trust into YOUR hands.  So then it would be totally up to you to respectfully render the honor and the loyalty to that person whom had placed their trust into your hands.  A very fair, positive and effective trade-off motto for all of us then, would be for each of us to cordially give back more than what we had taken; with much respect, appreciation and gratitude. Contracts can be, and quite often are broken.  By Law, it is illegal to break a contractual agreement, as doing so will initiate a cause for punishment.  However, this is the very best protection available for securing a "Trust".  It is very good.  It is the best we have, but it is not exactly a perfect solution.

There are never any perfect guarantees of "Trust" and "Honor";  but there are always some very good reasons for having Hope!  We need to consider the "Pros and Cons of this story as well:
Those people who will possess all three of those positive attributions which I had mentioned, will always prove to accomplish very many positive things, when working together and along with each other.  They will always be very likely to acquire very much growth as a result of their methods.  While the people who do not possess all three of these very essential attributions, will tend to avoid or to compete with others of their very own kind.  This would always and only prove to be very counter-productive for them.  It would then become very unlikely that they might be able to accomplish very much growth at all.  However, there are exceptions to each and every rule.  We must always remain very alert, aware and quite skeptical with regards to those exceptions.

For those of us who "Trust" and believe in God; we can only pray for the best for all of mankind.
Yes, each and evey one of us lives within our very own worlds, but none of us are ever left all alone.  The spirit of God lives within each and every one of us and He knows the Joys, the Woes, the Thoughts, the Wisdom and the Intentions of every existing human being on this planet.  "Trust" in God; and you will certainly receive your fair share of His "Loyalty" and His "Honor".

We must also keep in mind, that there is a very important, scientific and "Universal Law", which states that; "for every action, there there will always  an equal and opposite reaction".  This law truly applies to all of Humanity as well as to the entire Universe.  Sometimes we might be required to very patiently, experience and endure some very difficult times, pain, suffering and sorrow; while the end result can very often make it all worth our while for expending our patience and our endurance.  We must also remember to be very careful however, because that Universal law can also work in reverse.  Humanity most certainly, must always remember and understand that each and every one of us happens to be a very unique and very significant part of our magnificent Universe.  Therefore, that Universal Law certainly would, and does apply to all of Humanity as a whole, in a very specific and Universal manner.   

A World Of Worlds (Part 1)

We are the Brothers and Sisters of Humanity. All of us have very many wonderful things in common.  All of us have the very same BASIC wants and needs.  We can relate to one another in so very many wonderful and beautiful ways.  In spite of all of our worries and all of our cares, we can still find a way to fill each other's worlds with so very much love and joy.  I feel that Humanity does deserve so very much praise.  However; we must also bear witness to our differences, times of trouble and difficulties as well.  Please allow me to place all of those wonderful characteristics of Humanity aside, as I attempt to focus my thoughts directly upon the finest details of some of the very many difficulties and really tough times which each one of us must face every single day:

This post is written about something which all of us are so very much aware; with regards to a subject to which many of us have hardly ever given very much thought.  What I have written below is a new story about a very old subject.  I have merely attempted to publish this information with a little more detail, emphasis and insight.  I would love to share with all of you; all of these much deeper and facinating thoughts with much greater detail.  My hopeful goal is that after reading this, you will understand these thoughts in the very same manner in which I have attempted to express them. Please share your comments and/or opinions with me down below, at the end of this posting.
The truth is, that while all of Humanity lives right here on this very same planet; each and every one of us lives within our very own and very unique worlds.  Each one of us can only experience and observe our very own worlds in the manner in which each one of our senses will constantly detect and interpret all of the very specific and very unique, incoming information. This information is then comprehended and sorted in the only manner in which the human brain is capable of understanding and memorizing it. 

After birth, each individual child will begin to experience a very important beginning to the formulation of that child's very own world.  Each child begins to build his or her very own world by living from day to day and by reacting to all of the newly discovered surroundings.  The initial and very essential foundation for this discovery process then, will require that each child must very promptly become properly influenced by the application of some very important facts of life: Each child must be taught and influenced in this manner by the examples which are set by the child's association with his/her parents, his/her elders, by rules, by standards, and by the (hopefully positive) guidance from all other adults who will influence and interact among them.  All of these things are EXTREMELY IMPORTANT.  This is because the child will depend upon this extremely valuable information for the formulation of his/her morals, as well as his/her own personality. From this very important information, the child will then learn to construct a very personal set of morals which will guide and influence that child through-out his/her entire lifetime. The processing of all of this information marks the very beginning of the very own world for each individual child.  I must very specifically emphasize, that it is extremely important that each and every child must promptly learn the differences between right and wrong.  For the sake of our civilization, each child must then be taught to accept, apply and to incorporate all of those very important and very manditory facts of life into the very beginnings of each of their very own worlds. 

As the children begin to grow older and they begin to mature, it then becomes more apparent that the most impacting of all of the influences which could ever affect and govern each and every one of their lives from this point on, will then come from their very own common sense, free will and their very own choices.  For each new and very young individual person, that incoming information will then become combined and referrenced in a manner which will contribute to his/her knowledge base, inspire his/her life, and allow him/her to perceive the reality of each of their very own worlds in a very clear and understanding manner.  Each of their very own worlds will then become much more complex as they begin to grow older.  No person could possibly see or experience any other person's very own world, except for that very same person who actually lives within it. No person on this planet could share his/her very own world with any other person. Most of us can possibly share certain intimate details of our very own worlds, very closely with others, such as Husbands and Wives will usually do for one another.  However, in so very many ways, each person's individual and very own unique world will always remain and continue to be quite different, when compared to the very own worlds of any other person. You might choose to tell any other person about your very own world. However, that would only allow that person to attempt to imagine the reality of your very own world; as well as the nature of your very own experiences.  It is just not possible for anyone else to experience what you are actually experiencing.  Only you can do that.  Each one of us then, could only imagine the reality of another person's very own world.  We may possibly share some of the very specific details regarding our experiences with some other person, but we could never share our very own reality with that person.  If any two people were to have experienced the very same events at the very same point in time, the realistic details of that experience would be exactly the same for each one of them. However the understandings as well as the interpretations of those details, would be perceived and realized in a somewhat different manner for each one of them.  This is due to the differences between each other's worlds. Any one specific event and experience will always be interpreted by any two or more people in a manner which will differ by either a somewhat slighter or a somewhat greater degree. For those two or more persons, any very specific experiences which might commonly occur within the presence of all of them in a simultaneous fashion; will then fit into each one of their very own worlds in a somewhat different manner.  Therefore by judging for themselves, each one of them could only ASSUME to understand the manner in which they might have personally handled that particular person's very same specific sitiuation.  Each one of them could only do this in a manner in which he/she could have only imagined that very same and specific experience, as if that specific experience would have been actually occuring within each one of their very own worlds.  In other words; MY very own interpretations, regarding the exact manner in which I might possibly imagine MYSELF as re-living YOUR very own worldly experiences; would always be understood by ME in a somewhat different manner than YOU would have actually experienced that situation in the reality your very own world.  No other person then, could possibly know or truly understand, the very own personal feelings and details of another person, in exactly the very same manner in which that other person, would have actually been experiencing and handling that particular situation.  This is why people will so often disagree with one another.

Each and every individual person, living upon this planet, during each of their lifetimes, will have eventually experienced very many, complex and very unique experiences; each of which will always be comparably different, when compared to the collective experiences of any other person's lifetime.  Each and every human lifetime, would then constitute a very exclusive and individually different version of the book of life.  Each individually different set of occuring experiences for any one person; would then have permanently managed to alter that person's attitude, outlook, objectives, opinions, points of view, as well as that person's behavior, in a very permanent manner, which will always differ from that of any other person. 

All of these previously mentioned observations remind me of that very old but very accurate scientific statement which reads; "No two snowflakes are exactly alike"!  Exactly, like all human beings; all snowflakes are very similar to each other.  They are all so very beautifully similar, but no two snowflakes are exactly alike.  I firmly believe this to be very true.  So, I feel that it would then certainly be quite inappropriate for me to ever attempt to judge anyone else, based upon the manner in which they might have chosen to live their lives. If any person were to be my very close and very trusted friend, I could at very best, only respect my dear friend's every choice and every decision.

Each of us is also capable of experiencing some MISUNDERSTANDINGS.  Each and every event which may occur within our lives has its very own meaning and definition.  Most of the time these meanings and definitions are fairly simple and they are very easily comprehended by each one of us.  However, some certain situations might often become much more complex than the ability of our logical understanding will allow us to define and to properly interpret that specific situation.  The exact meanings and definitions of such a situation will then become lost. This will always happen for two very simple reasons:  1. A lack of details in the expression of the given information.  2. A lack of knowledge regarding the details of the transferred information.

At this point, I must also address the fact that two or more people can possibly reach a MUTUAL AGREEMENT with each other, only if each of the participating person's individual differences can be unanimously understood and have been determined by each participating person, to be secondary, unimportant and/or impertinent to the main objective.  This seems very possible and even quite simple, but because of the differences between the various worlds and realities of all of the persons concerned, it often becomes extremely difficult to accomplish a mutual agreement.  However, fortunately, we are very painfully aware that our civilization could not possibly survive without such agreements.  Many painful sacrifices must then be made in a very fair and equal manner and with full compromise and  representation in behalf of all of the person's seeking such a mutual agreement.  Doing this will always require an input of full FAITH and ACCEPTANCE being placed within that mutual agreement, in behalf of all of its participants.  The success of this mutual agreement will then rely upon a very fragile HOPE, that this agreement will someday fulfill it's intended purpose in the very beneficial manner, and in the very same manner in which it had initially been intended.

Monday, February 26, 2018


Keeping in mind that life can be very complicated and that there are always very many complications, events and influencing factors, which can possibly cause many things to abruptly change within the lives of anyone, at any point in time; allowing some situations which can possibly change the entire world for anyone.  However, for the sake of simplicity, in the following statements which I have made below, I have disregarded the effects of  all of these possibilities:

When a man and a woman first meet, and they find each other as being quite attractive, that is when the chemistry begins.  That's when the hormones, begin to slowly flow within their bodies.  This is the process which makes every man and woman, so very interesting to one another.  This is the process which has actually brought every man and woman together, since the beginnings of humanity.  However, this is also where the romantic relationships for any couple can become rather confusing. 
What Does "FALLING IN LOVE" really mean? 
A woman and a man will "FALL IN LOVE" with each other,  primarily for all four of the four key reasons, which I have listed below.  These reasons are solely based upon human preferences, and every different human being has a different, preset  combination of preferences.  A man and a woman will often meet in some strange and unexpected place and manner.  At first, they will usually share a few glances at each other.  This is where it ends most of the time, because one of them might not find the other to be attractive enough.  They might even find this person to be quite "repulsive"!  
So, let's now look at the brighter side of this story.  
Shall we?
If it turns out that this man and woman will mutually like what they see in each other; curiosity will then step in and they will then begin to converse with each other.  They will usually share some silly and minor information with each other, and if that information is being interpreted by each of them in a mutually likable and acceptable manner, then the two of them will begin to find each other quite interesting as well.  Slowly, they will begin to like each other more and more.  They will then begin to discover each other's differences, and hopefully, they will find these differences to be rather appealing, likable and lovingly acceptable.  Once the two of them find all of these necessary and preliminary bits of information to be appealing, they will become very interested in each other.  Each one of them will then evaluate each other's interests which they have established for one another, and if everything goes right, they will want to get to know much more information about each other.  That is when the process of "Dating" will begin .  This couple will begin to go to places and to do things together. They will evaluate each other in everything that they may do.  They will soon find each other's actions to be very likable and consequently, they will then find EACH OTHER to be very likable as well.  By now, the attractions which they have established for each other have become quite obvious.  They begin to miss each other when they are not together, and they find that they can hardly wait to see each other, and to be together again.  They begin to look forward to each and every opportunity to be with each other once again.  Then as time passes by, if everything goes right for them (as a couple) and they find that there happens to be no obstacles standing in their way, their attractions to each other will then grow stronger with each passing day.   They have now begun to show their affection for one another very strongly, and they then realize that they had become EXTREMELY ATTRACTED to one another.  Extreme attraction is the very first step which leads to "FALLING IN LOVE".  This is when each one of them will realize that they actually love each other very much.  The very first major requirement; "Step One" of the process of FALLING IN LOVE has now been established.  "Step One" into the process of FALLING IN LOVE, is the first major requirement, which I will now refer to as, EXTREME ATTRACTION.  Now comes "Step Two"; which is the major requirement of LOVE FOR ONE ANOTHER, which always follows right behind Step One.  At this point, each one of them can now realize just how much they WANT each other. So now they enter, Step Three; WANT, is the third major requirement.  There is just one more step which will follow soon after:  They will now be  entering "Step Four".  "NEED".  That's when they begin to realize that they NEED each other more than anything else in the world.  So now, the four major requirements for FALLING IN LOVE have been met and accomplished for this couple.  
So now what????
Many couples will have either planned a wedding, or they may have even married by this time.  Marriage might rightfully seem to be very important and very necessary to many people at this point in a relationship.  However, even though, marriage can be quite influential to one or to both of them, marriage is actually not a mandatory or major requirement for FALLING IN LOVE.  
Here is where all of the magic begins to happen:
You may have noticed that I had not mentioned anything about this couple having SEX at any point during the writing of those first four major requirements.  The reason for this, is that if sex were to have taken place for them, at any point in time, or during any part of any of those four previously mentioned achievement periods; FALLING IN LOVE would have no longer been possible for this couple.  FALLING IN LOVE is not something that people can do for each other; it is something that Mother Nature does for that couple as well as for herself.  
This is where Mother Nature's "chemistry" kicks into overdrive:  
By abstaining from sex for all of that time, this couple has now forced Mother Nature, to finally step in and begin to fan their flames a bit more vigorously, by injecting some of her very special aphrodisiac hormones into each of their bloodstreams.  This is Mother Nature's way of forcing a couple to finally have sex with each other.  Mother Nature always gets her way, so now she has "started the ball rolling".  There can now be no escape.  Mother Nature is now demanding that this couple must have sex with each other, for the purpose of pro-creation.  As those hormones, go rushing through each of their bodies, a very amazing change begins to take place within them.  That couple now finds themselves to be under the influence of natural drugs. These hormones cause each of the them to become very emotional, and this couple is now very much sent into an amazingly heightened state of sexual desire and arousal, which is marked specifically for them.  FOR EACH OTHER ONLY.  This heightened state of sexual desire and arousal only exists between these two people and all others are now cast completely out of the picture.  Now, this couple becomes restricted enough to only see EACH OTHER when they are together, no other romantic interests, in any other man or woman could now come between them and change the way that they feel about each other.  They have now become locked together emotionally, by Mother Nature, and now they (very emotionally), can only belong to each other.  They have now officially FALLEN IN LOVE with each other.  Soon, as the hormones continue to flow, this couple will eventually need to yield to their urges and they will soon begin to share with each other, the most beautiful sexual experiences ever known to mankind.  The passions and the pleasures which this couple will now share and enjoy together, will overwhelm them into a very passionate state of ecstacy, ranking well above and beyond any and all other sexual experiences, which either one of them could not have possibly ever imagined or experienced with any other person, at any other time or place.  The fire of this natural high could go on for a very long period of time and those very unique, precious and wonderful feelings of "FALLING IN LOVE" will always remain within them, even after the fire is gone. "FALLING IN LOVE", will create such beautiful memories for this couple, which will also remain within them for an entire lifetime (even if they don't remain together for their entire lifetimes).  
Now, here's the sad news!!  
This will never happen for any couple who had not been patient enough to abstain from having sex early on, or who had initiated sex at any point in time, during those four major steps, leading to FALLING IN LOVE.  In such a case;  Mother Nature will now find no need or reason to persuade that couple to have sex with each other in her very own sweet and special way, because they are already doing it.  
I guess that some things actually are well worth waiting for after all.  
Almost all people will love someone very intensely during their lifetimes.  Also, many people may love other people very dearly and very intensely, many times during their lifetimes, while never really getting to have experienced that very unique and wonderful feeling of actually FALLING IN LOVE with someone. It has been said that most people will never FALL IN LOVE.  I wonder if those people will ever realize what they had missed?  Also, I can only wonder just how many of our young lovers of today, will actually, and very truly find that wonderful opportunity to actually FALL IN LOVE with someone.  FALLING IN LOVE doesn't come very easily for anyone, but if it were to come to any one couple at all, it certainly would have soon become very apparent to that couple, that the waiting had been very much worth their while for doing so. They certainly would have become a very lucky and very happy couple.  FALLING IN LOVE would always be something so very special, beautiful and wonderful for any couple who waits; because this couple will  always remember that this had certainly been the most unique and beautiful part of their entire lives together.  Fortunately, those couples who may have missed their opportunities to FALL IN LOVE, can also find much happiness together, because they really do love each other so very much.  They also, would most likely and honestly believe that they had actually FALLEN IN LOVE with each other.  However, they would only be deluding themselves, because they now couldn't ever have had any idea of what kind of experience, FALLING IN LOVE might have actually been.  Therefore, they would have never even become aware of the fact that they had actually missed out on the receipt of such a very unique, special, precious and natural gift.   


Sunday, February 11, 2018


In very good faith, a very good friend had sent me a "forwarding email" of an Internet posting, which someone had made with regards to the PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE", as well  as the usage of the motto phrases of the United States Of America: "IN GOD WE TRUST" and "GOD BLESS AMERICA".  I did feel the urge to forward that message which my dear friend had sent to me regarding those precious mottoes, but first, I decided to give this entire idea just a little more serious thought.  I feel that most of the citizens of the U.S A., actually endorse those very beautiful mottoes, which had been given to us very thoughtfully,  by our very insightful forefathers.  I know that I certainly do.  They are so very beautiful.  Honestly, I  am now speaking solely for myself when I say this, but I truly believe that we Americans are really not at all worthy to have our money bearing that expression.  It's sad to say this but that is nothing but an outright lie. I believe from another (very obvious) world wide point of view, that the United States (as a country), does not trust in God, in exactly the very same manner in which this very precious motto so states.  I feel that the United States trusts in the "Almighty Dollar", as does the entire world.  I know that I must admit to what I truly feel:  When our forefathers had first come up with those precious mottoes so very long ago; it was a good idea and it gave all of us something to live up to.  It made us feel quite good to think that if we trusted in God, our country would therefore be blessed. These words had been very true, honest and wonderful thoughts for all of us to cherish forever.  However, now in the midst of all of the corruption, scandal and greed which has totally dominated our society, I feel that we have lost that edge and are no longer (as a country) worthy of God's blessings.  I do honestly believe it is true that the overwhelming majority of Americans (86%), of us, do trust in God in a very singular and personal manner.  However, I also believe that this country as an entirety, has missed the boat and now we are no longer worthy to state the claim: "IN GOD WE TRUST".  It would be an insult to God as well as an outright lie.  I feel that we need to to learn to trust in ourselves first, before we can be worthy to obtain the right to trust in God's blessings.  Whenever I think about it, this question always  just pops up inside of my mind:  Why would God want to bless a corrupted society?  As for the "PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE", I feel that it would also be quite wrong as well as deceitful, for us to claim that we are a country "UNDER GOD".  That is simply not true and of course; God knows this. It's a nice fantasy however. Oh how I wish and pray that it were true.  Maybe some fine day, we may once again, be worthy to state those claims,  however, personally, I have nearly lost all hope for us.  I love my country and right or wrong, I will always loyally, honor it and have complete respect for everything for which it stands.  I also believe that we should always cherish and keep these precious mottoes, always within our minds as well as within  our prayers.  I believe that it is truly wonderful for us to pray for these things, but I also believe that our making of any false statements regarding them, is not being very honest with ourselves.  How about you?  How do you feel about this?  

Monday, August 21, 2017


When we grow older, our bodies and our purposes become totally different than they had ever been before, when we had been so much younger.  The elderly person's heart is now filled with so much love and so very much more desire for love, than at any other time during that person's younger life.  This is so very true.  The problem is; that these elderly people have never been old before, so becoming older is quite a very NEW experience for them. They remember their younger years and exactly how all of those things had come to pass so very long ago. However, those things of the past, can no longer apply to their very NEW, elderly status and to the concept of their now, very NEW elderly lives. The truth is that, we really do not know how to begin to start a NEW, relationship with another elderly person; not even with another elderly person whom we might even love quite dearly. We can only know how to relate to other elderly people; specifically, those whom we may have already known and loved for so very many years. This is because we have no other previous experiences or any other frame of reference, regarding this kind of elderly love-life. Most of us elderly people are fearful of failure, while others may lack the necessary confidence. Many of the elderly may also be fearful of new commitments. But to be honest; we just don't know how to do it. It had been done very successfully by many elderly people in the past. However, all of those very elderly people who had so very successfully accomplished all of this so very successfully in the past, are no longer here to give us any good advice. Also, those who are younger than us have no idea, what it feels like to become elderly, so they cannot give us any good advice either.  So we pray a lot; because it would take a miracle for us to find a way to solve this problem.  So, we find it much more rewarding and so much easier, just to give all of our love to our very dear Children and Grandchildren, while hoping that they will reciprocate, by returning all of their love to us as well.

Sunday, May 21, 2017


My perception of the English language; as seen from my very own point of view:
My thanks to my dear friend Vicky, for inspiring me to write this!

What I have written here, has all been written with regards to those of us, who have been born in the U.S.A. and those of us who speak English as their primary language.  I invite your rebuttal or any other comments, which you may care to make.  Whether you will agree with my viewpoint or not, I think that you might find it quite interesting....

Babies are born with the quest for language and speech, already genetically present within their brains, and from the moment of their birth and forward, the baby's brain begins to absorb and to process all of the incoming information.  The baby's brain sorts out all of the information all on its very own accord, and it is not necessary for the baby to be required to concentrate on whatever he may understand and just how that information should be interpreted.
Now after saying this to you; I can now tell you for certain, that if immediately after birth, a baby were to be capable of reading a text book, which would very perfectly describe the structure and the process of the English language; that baby would then immediately begin to develop that skill within his brain, and that baby would then be able to speak perfect English, right from the very first moment in time, when his very first words are about to be spoken. However, this is not possible, so the baby must learn by "association".  This means that the baby will then learn very much about speaking the English language mostly from listening to his parents, as well as listening to others around him, who are always very close to him. All of this will then occur, long before this child will ever receive his very first, formal English lesson, from a school.  The baby's brain will always try to interpret the incoming information in the most simple manner.  The baby's brain will always search for the easiest way!  The easiest way for the baby's brain to do this, is to evaluate every spoken word that he may hear.  These are the spoken words which are learned from those who would be there, and very close to him.  Those people around him do not speak perfect English either, for this very same reason. So this problem is now very much self perpetuated.  By the time that baby (child) goes to school, his knowledge and speaking skills will have already been very well established, and as far as the child's brain is concerned, he already knows all that he needs to know about speaking and comprehending the English words. Now, after about 6 years of experience, this child will then go to school. His brain is then struck with some new information from a teacher and some text books, which are now informing the child, that what he had already learned (so far), is really not entirely correct. He is then being led to believe that his brain must now make some very necessary reparations in order to improve his English comprehension and speaking skills. He must now learn how to speak the English language, in the most proper and predetermined manner. The child's brain doesn't like this idea very much, because his brain has already become quite accustomed to, and quite satisfied with the manner in which it has already learned this skill.  His brain is now wondering why, something which works so perfectly well, must be changed. But this child had also learned about discipline very early on. He understands the meaning of order and uniformity, and so the child knows that he must now follow some new rules and instructions.  This child will then listen to the teacher with full comprehension, and he will read his text books.  He will then learn all of the new information as it is being presented to him.  He will now learn to read, speak and to write in accordance with this new English language information, doing this in the very new manner in which he is now being taught.  Much of this new information will change the child's understanding of the English language for the child's entire lifetime.  However, the logic within that child's brain, will allow him to accept only the changes which will allow that child to respond to any new incoming information, in a manner in which that child's brain can determine to be the least complicated. Logic, will then dictate to that child, that it is very illogical to choose to apply a very complex action or thought process, when the most simple action or thought process, will work equally as well. The least complicated manner will also require the use of much less energy and time. Truly, it would require very, very much concentration and self discipline for anyone to totally change their interpretation of the English language, along with that person's methods of applying it.  Many people can actually accomplish this, but most will not.  Now why is this so???  ...When all of us look around, and we witness the activities of others, we can then realize that everything (regarding the use of the English language), is working PERFECTLY well for us. Everyone can speak, write and read this simplified, wrong form of the English language, so perfectly well. So logically, why should we change it?  I am one of such a person.  I have altered and improved my English language perception very much during the course of my lifetime. However, I have done so, only because my choices regarding my learning and my use of proper English, to the very best of my ability, has given me much dignity, respect, and also the rewarding feeling of accomplishment. When I attempt to write something to a very special person, or if I may write something which might require public exposure; I will always try to do my very best to make all of my English statements very properly legible. I would also be following just as close to the correct rules of English, as I possibly could. However, I have not achieved perfection in all of these endeavors.  Now, it would be impossible for me to do any better, because there is that little voice, deep down inside of me which repeatedly continues to inform me of the fact that: Everybody around me still continues to read, speak and write, while using the English language in the most simplified manner.  We can also comprehend everyone's version of the English language very perfectly well.  We experience no comprehension problems what-so-ever from the errors of our grammar. We can also understand those people who use 'perfect English', just as easily as we can understand those who do not. Logic determines that it is a lot easier and much more simple to do it the wrong way, than it is to do it the right way.  So, if we find that there is really no logical reason why we should do it the right way; then why should we do it the right way at all?  When I had been in High School, I had taken a course in English.  I had a very excellent and wonderful English teacher, who had known perfect English, very well.  This teacher would speak and demonstrate very many examples of perfect English to our class, so very remarkably well.  Then one day, I have had the opportunity to accidentally overhear my English teacher while she had been engaging in a spontaneous conversation with another teacher.  While she had been speaking so very eloquently with the use of her English skills, I had still noticed that her manner of speech had been slightly different than the English which she had been teaching in the classroom. It had then occurred to me that she had known perfect English, she could teach perfect English, but she could not speak perfect English while she had been actively engaged in a spontaneous conversation with another person. This had been quite amusing to me.  It has been said that "Old Habits Die Hard"!  I would venture to say that this statement is very true to life.  Especially when those old habits had been formed so very early on, in a person's life.  When we speak in a very simple manner, this leaves us so very much more room for us to apply additional words of power, as well as emotion, to whatever feelings or emotions, which we may be attempting to express.  Poets and Songwriters, have always done this as well, and they still continue to do so.  This is what is known as "Poetic License".  Poetic License, is actually a license to do it the wrong way.  Regarding any of those Poets from the past (even the very best), who had ever written a very beautiful and emotional poem; this would not have been possible, if that Poet would have chosen to use perfect English for expressing his feelings and emotions.  I guess that when it comes to the English language; sometimes even bad things can be good!
My conclusion to all of this, is that people will always love to strive for perfection, even though it is not possible to achieve perfection. There are no perfect human beings.  We may always fall short of our goals by some degree, but we can find so very much satisfaction and pride, with just knowing that we had done our very best in all that we have attempted to do.

Monday, January 2, 2017


I think it was because I had grown up, in the wake of WWII.  Then only a few years later, there had been Korea!  I had to continue to grow up during that mess as well.  Then, just when I had turned 21 (becoming a young adult), I had been drafted into the "Vietnam Era" as well.  My Country had called upon me for help and I was quite proud to be of service to my country and to the people whom I had loved. My entire YOUNG LIFE had been lived under the influence of WAR!  My siblings and I had grown up during some of the toughest years of modern times.  These times were especially tough for my parents.  They needed to raise 3 children on extremely limited resources.  My parents wanted to give the entire world and everything in it, to us Kids, but they had been stuck in a rut, with very little to offer to us.  These times had been extremely hard for them.  Many times I would see my Mother crying and I would ask her why she had been crying.  She tried to explain the situation to me, but as a child, without very much experience in living, there just had been no way that I could possibly understand the tremendous impact that these hardships could possibly have had upon my parents. We Kids however, did feel the impact of their troubles and we had to go through all of those very tough times, in the dear, loving care of our amazing, struggling parents.  We did make it through all of those very difficult times.  Hardships?  Yes; we had gone through all of it together, and we can remember it all so very well.  However, because of our parent's hardships, we children had grown to become such amazingly strong adults. As adults; we could now understand the hardships of our parents.  We had then turned to our very own children, and we had very desperately wanted to give them everything that we had never had as children.  Almost all parents of my generation had given so very much to their children. Some children had received much, and some children had received much less.  But nearly all of our children had received everything that they had needed and so very much more. They had received all of our love and compassion, as well.  As more new generations come to pass, some very important and interesting questions arise.  Could it be that we had given the children of generations following us, just a little bit too much?  Could it be that we had spoiled them rotten?  They seem to cry, every time things don't go exactly as they had planned.  They seem to be quite irresponsible and they blame others for their very own short-comings.  They never seem to be happy enough anymore.  I could be wrong, but the way that I see all of this, is that we had not had succeeded in making our children stronger as our parents had done with us.  We had made them much weaker.  I, now think of 'Human nature' as very strange, when I find that hard times and very difficult struggles, tends to make us so very much stronger, while good times, and very much abundance, seems to make us so very weak and vulnerable!  Maybe there is a happy medium out there somewhere; but if there possibly is; we certainly are having a very hard time, finding it.